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Community and Project

  • Strive to be a well managed open source project
    • Decentralized governance in line with what people expect
      • We should be able to pass most open source project health checks a typical OSPO would use when doing due diligence. We're not there yet but it's an achievable goal
    • Project resources designed to be shared and decentralized, no BDFL-like structures
    • Goal to join a foundation or cooperative that can ensure long-term viability of the project
    • Ensure that we're meeting our transparency goals, long term trust is a goal for us so we have to have processes in place to avoid the bus factor
  • A well structured and diverse Community
  • Be unique, we are not a distro
    • Indie distros are fun, but making distros is a soul sucking exercise in frustration and pain.
    • We want to give people what they want with a focus on sustainability and maintenance, more like "My expert linux friend set up my Fedora for me" than a fork or derivative
    • Members of the team have multiple decades of linux distro experience, distros are hard, so we're not making a "Linux distro"

Mission Statement

Our mission is not to get caught up in mission statements. A mission statement locks us into a certain mindset. We need to be nimble, because our audience changes faster than you can write a mission statement. Our mission: Just make Linux fun.

Relationship with Fedora

  • We understand that due to the nature of the software we include that we can never be endorsed by the Fedora project
    • This is fine, we're hot rodders and tinkerers
  • Be a good partner for Fedora
    • We are doing things that Fedora cannot do and there will be Fedora maintainers who will disagree with at least some aspects of this project
    • Nevertheless, we exist, so we're going for it
    • We want to leverage as much QA from Fedora as possible, so we shouldn't ship kernel patches or any other thing that adds extra maintenance
      • Instead we encourage people to participate in Fedora, that's what it's there for
      • The vibe we're looking for is a speed shop, like Hoonigan, but we want to remain sustainable, the fork button is always there in github